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when you haven't used it for 1-2 months, you call and say, "we saw that you haven't used your card for such a long time, i wonder why?" it is the bank's card that puts people off by asking. as if it wasn't enough to hold every corner and distribute cards, they also check using cards as if they were taking attendance.


the interesting thing is that when you apply for this card, they don't give it, they will give it to you without asking...


when i delay the installment payments, it is the credit card that has earned the hate by calling my family, not me first. also, in case of a payment delay - yes i will delay it every month - when i stated that i would pay immediately, the official said, "can you promise you will pay?" i'm ecstatic with the word. no, let's step on the Quran. i don't understand what kind of banking understanding it is.


credit card that constantly sends sms to mobile phones, sends irrelevant envelopes to addresses, and overwhelms them. when someone eagerly jumps up to the phone because they have received an sms, with a broken heart, they say "you are the card" and let the finances go to you.