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rip dear friend.


elastic monster that lives in cappy products and can cover the whole box when not noticed. probably the alien of our century.


food security or something, how did it become so serious?


met him through a friend of mine in 2004. i was with him while he was drinking cappy and we had the shock together. now, after years, it has become the agenda again. i wish there was twitter then and i would have made the first public announcement.


he is always there. it comes out in 1 out of every 3 boxes. those who don't believe can cut and look at the boxes they bought.


especially the cherry juice of our monster is the priority choice. i seem to have seen peach juice in previous cases as well. it's like looking at you from the bottom of the box in star wars (see: jabba the hutt). it is the first monster case of 2020. happy birthday


i think it should be taken under protection, it was heartbreaking that it was so rare that we thought it was extinct for a period of time. after the last appearances, my application to wwf remained unanswered. today is the day of unity, if everyone takes responsibility, we can save it.


it resembles an 8-year-old internal organ tumor. ğhk.

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