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cap ou pas cap

cap, which is used in french as an abbreviation of the italian verb capisci, is used to mean “cap” as we use it. the full meaning of the sentence used in the movie jeux d'enfants is "did we agree or did we disagree?" it is like an invitation to a claim.

fr. ou / or otherwise
fr. used to mean pass / either to negate or not

in the film, it has become a very beautiful slogan, it is a clever thought, it is pronounced like a rhyme.


cap ou pas cap


cap ou pas cap

after watching jeux d'enfants, it is the most eager line to use.


cap ou pas cap

when i tried to explain the summary of the film jeux d'enfants in the french verbal lecture and used it, it is a pattern that my university professor does not know, the funny thing is that although i tried to explain that the film is a french production, he did not believe it, on top of that, it made me laugh by insisting that it was an english pattern ... we have professors here in some of our universities, they do not improve themselves, they do not listen to those who improve ...


cap ou pas cap

i want it to settle in our language. so we can use it in daily life. so we have thousands of foreign words, hundreds of all foreign idioms. law in arabic, medicine in latin, engineering in english. let cap ou pas cap enter our language. let's use it like this among ourselves. when two kids will race to the pole, let one say the other - cap ou pas cap. and the other - let me call you cap. so you say. do this. put it in our tongue.