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this lady has the type of the girl who shares a drink table on new year's eve and then says "happy friday" with a verse. her voice is constantly like she just got out of bed, 'heaaa annadimocaam'.


someone who knows his business. she shares photos of the police on instagram, makes programs with teachers, cries for verses, posts photos that give hope, but she eats alone with her boyfriends, does sports with an athlete, wears tights. makes good use of muslims. he knows his job.


the sweet girl who claims to have deciphered the global order. let them mark what they couldn't solve and we'll solve it together.


pelin is the messenger i wish not to lose herself in neo-ottomanism like a couple. you became an intellectual who knows french like absinthe, kadir misiroglu.


he was made a reporter just because he was flamboyant. from there he was promoted to news presenter. from there he was promoted to presenter of the history program. there he was promoted to writer by pretending to know the subjects he did not know. now he is publishing from ilber ortaylı's library. life is really easy for some.


is the embodiment of disgrace. there is a scientist working at nasa in front of him and he asks the scientists about nonsense conspiracy theories instead of proper scientific questions, and then he asks the scientists "why don't you work in the country, but in the usa, you work in nasa", what will happen at work because of ignorant people like you? another. before the program started, i made a joke to my friend, "imagine, dude, 'did nasa really go into space?' they ask the man" we laughed or something, but the woman asked seriously.


if the akp falls from power, he will cry in the new order, "what should i do, i had to work in a news for money :( ", if the akp power continues, he will continue to eat his bread anyway. will be moved.