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cannabis head

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it is hunger, thirst, grinning, closing eyes and flying little by little.


i guess it's the mistake of "we beat a giant army that day with a thousand horsemen, like children in raids with a thousand horses".


it's a reverse.


(see big in japan)


if it's happening in amsterdam you'll hear strange bird sounds. the tiny sounds coming from outside seem to you like a fight or even a war. you lie in bed for hours thinking of only one thing; "hey, were these birds here in the morning and last night, pilgrim?" you wake up in the morning. yes, the birds are there. such a shitty thing. i'm not counting the act of trying to get through the window. i'm not counting the 40 minutes of laughing and kneeling in front of the crowd while trying to cross the street in front of a bulldog. thank god everywhere smelled of marijuana, nema problema. definition; gotta live haji.


(bkz: your head is very beautiful my dear, enjoy it)


okay, it's not very funny, but it still makes you laugh.


since cannabis does feminization in men (there is such a thing, i don't think about it), it can be very different in continuous use. that's how you know it.

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