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the so-called journalist whose profile looks like cheap escort profiles, and i saw a photo of him on the timeline while scrolling through instagram and thought he was an escort. my sister, whoever told you that you have beautiful legs and hips, go and spit in his face. unfortunately, you are not sexy when you put your legs and hips in strange shapes at home. it's seriously funny when a 40-year-old woman takes a picture in front of the mirror like an 18-year-old teenage high school girl. no, i think his instagram followers are getting heavy, i don't have any other logical explanation. (bkz: africa of sexual hunger)


judging by her instagram account, i think she believes her feet and legs are beautiful, or at least relatively strong. the theme in the selfies he takes and posts is so clear that it cannot be overlooked.


the woman who should be sued, along with her team, for the disclosure of personal health information about beren saat and kenan doğulu (even if it is not true). what is the security of personal data, what is the importance of protecting it by law, this is how this society will learn.


"the moderator of the magazine center of uçankuş tv, the brave journalist canan danyıldız, married the famous fashion photographer erkan barış from paris last night." brave journalist... think about it, barış terkoğlu/pehlivan, abdi İpekçi, uğur mumcu or something is also a journalist, canan danyıldız is also a journalist...


an overbearing character. i couldn't quite figure out what it was either. the person whose photos are also closed for comments :) if you come across them on instagram, run away because 90% of his profile consists of an ugly foot image. edit: it happened again and i realized that there is something wrong with the woman, sir. for example, we understood that legs and mirrors are desks, but in places where there is no mirror, he holds the phone as if there is a mirror, that is, there is someone taking the photo, but it gives the impression that he is taking it from the mirror?!! what a fool.


the tabloid journalist who dressed Çelik erci for circumcision. goes to his interviews undressed.


don't know who she is. i stare in amazement every time it appears in front of me. how can a woman pose that pose and not show even the slightest sign of sexiness? i swear if i wore the heels and minis in your photos, i would be sexier as a man * my sister, wear the most fetish clothes if you want, or undress if you want. i'm sorry, but you don't have it, you don't have a speck of that sexuality, that state of mind. not optional factory part, add it later.


the leg pointer that i always come across in my instagram discovery. i thought i'd take a look at the comments, but in vain, those who want to experience leg poisoning can check out their instagram profile.

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