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in sezen aksu's new album kissed, he played most of the electric guitars himself.


the legendary guitarist, who made a legendary show in this video, is tarık Çamdalı of the the guitar world. his cleanliness in the dribble is at the level of an 8-year-old. but here he actually gives us deep messages about the complexity of his inner world. otherwise, of course, a friend who can play cleanly. note: i was embarrassed and turned it off in the tapping part.


she took the stage with sezen aksu at the king tv music awards. still handsome, still!


an energetic guitarist. while watching the video, i tensed up because he was going to hit 38,000 les paul right and left. i'm sure those in dore were also nervous. video site/watch?v=gjpy54gupyg edit: zenabi gave a minute, 18:45 our liver is burning.


this brother of ours had guarded kirk hammett in a very logical way in a video i watched at the time and in which kirk hammett was vilified. "the guy you say can't play the guitar is part of the band's sound," he said. i have loved him ever since. because in a place where people go crazy with kirk hammett's guitarist, then the man who does not belong to this deer and defends kirk is a nice man. dear brother is also a nice man. also one of the types whose charisma increases with age.


i can't forget, it doesn't matter, i'm with you and you're my friend songs in the album are highly recommended.


i just die, guitarist who can play for you ajhsdfasjdhfgsadjfh