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fuck the taste of prince charles


english's Şeyma subaşı.


this woman's great-grandmother was also king vii. she was edward's mistress between 1898-1910*. what a family.


she has a title she doesn't use, afraid of the public's reaction: princess of wales. yes unfortunately :( if prince charles becomes king one day, this lady will be princess consort, in fact there is no such title in literature, but camilla was so modest that she did not want the queenship. i was in tears. fortunately, the second elizabeth does not leave the environment to charles, she will live 200 years if necessary. still transfers the throne to william (tonton nine rulz)


the protracted and objectionable love affair of the crown prince of england. the duchess, who will enter the world marriage on april 8, but it has been decided that she will not be the queen even if her husband is a king.


the woman who made princess diana go round in her grave. especially in the water minutes.


think the reason why she took charles in her hand was because she approached the prince, who grew up without motherly warmth, with a motherly affection. diana was actually not an angel as the media exaggerated, but a little girl with ridiculous whims, and when this hurt charles a lot, she threw herself back into camilla's tender arms.


the determined aunt, who was honored by Queen elizabeth ii with the dame grand cross, the highest order of the british realm, of the royal victorian order, on her 7th wedding anniversary with prince charles. the way these people live and behave like in a historical fictional novel is killing me with laughter. no jobs, lots of money, they're playing royalty by themselves. cool man. there is also a link: camilla new title