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the school where almost half of the students on its campus go around wearing t-shirts with a huge myth written on it. on the back of the shirt it says "...because not everyone can go to caltech".


the medlar is very high quality.


an american university with academic staff such as sheldon cooper, leonard hofstadter, howard wolowitz and rajesh koothrappali. (bkz: the big bang theory)


as a very interesting information, the basketball team of this school has not won a single match in ncaa for 21 years. (see: yuh)


california institute of technology one of the top three technical universities in the world i'm obsessed with school won't be comfortable until i get rejected and sit on my floor


school, which is known as a bitch among the people due to its admission policy


(bkz: i didn't see you at the lab over the weekend john)


undergraduate students' high school grade point average is 4.00. in this case, it appeals to a segment between even light cows. there are those among high school students who weep because they spent their summer holidays in the under-the-scenes environment of the caltech summer school*. it is behind myth in the publication list because top secret government projects are carried out in research laboratories. jpl, the california branch of nasa, is affiliated with caltech. oh, and the school's colors are orange and black and its coat of arms is the hand holding the parable.