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it is a word used instead of the words "father" or "dede" in the sunni kurdish geography. it is considered appropriate for the greatest and most respected head of the family, this title is not given to anyone who comes before him, this title should be earned with charismatic authority.. in kurdish villages living in crowded families together. the respected person at the head of the known community picks up this pseudonym, silently and deeply.. the word "tata", which has the same function as this word, has also been used by the sunni zazas..


a french word meaning "barzo". it is spelled kéké, and the word originates from the fact that most french barzos are called "kévin". edit: spelling


nice cat name. at least hardware person's cat.


or did you come quickly, the person who speculated that he had a premature ejaculation problem with wow keke verses.


it is the first album of varlık kocakaya, released in 1999. hard work keke smiley if i'm not tonight it would be bread


it can be used by people whose sincerity can be trusted. i think it's sweet. what's up keke!


it's a song that stuck with me today for some reason. when you say it, give the feeling that you are going uphill and then begin to descend rapidly downhill. namely; sing it with a melody. keke honor, keke honor (we're going out) keke dad, keke pasha (a little effort) i heard the sound of kekeaaamm.. (ohh! i guess we're at the top) or keke (slight pause, look who's coming to the right or left) (let it go) yourself engim aşşa, uphill asşa) did you come, did you come quickly, did you come, wow keke..


(bkz: play the cake)