buy a car from georgia

buy a car from georgia

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what is it sir" you are showing as if you stayed in georgia for 6 months" hasssit. *i will say. the police see in two seconds at the customs how much you have left in georgia, you idiot. high school students who have not passed customs in their life should not write.


now it is said that "to defraud the state by pretending to live abroad.. bla bla". what is said is true and appropriate, but if the government takes blood from the people's ass when buying a car, the people look for side ways to deviate, this is always the case. segment b starts from 50-60 thousand tl, every time i think of it, it twitches!


it is the cause of the vehicles with georgian license plates that are growing like mushrooms these days. you can see how cheap the vehicles are from or vehicles are sold to almost a quarter of those in the country. not to mention not paying taxes in the country. when a solid acquaintance was found, it was enough for the vehicle to enter and exit the border only once a year. this is the goal i intend to try just to protest the tax policies of this state. if anyone knows in more detail or has done-does, it will be number 10.

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