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dt game that i couldn't get the opportunity to watch worse. if you have made the mistake of buying a ticket to this game, which is completely disjointed and blended with an irrelevant fiction, i recommend that you take headphones with you and play a game of your own in your mind with music suitable for the stage decor.


boris vian's beautification of destruction and devaluation, there are outstanding actors such as selçuk kipçak and ahmet dizdaroğlu in the cast of this modern play (i think all the players in the game were). i watched it in the heaven scene, but since i watched it strategically from an extremely good point, i think if you're going to watch it in heaven, catch the middle.


it is a play that istanbul state theaters bravely put on the stage. i think it would be better to get some information about the style of boris vian before the play, which is a very good war criticism. in addition, in the game, boris vian also sent greetings to him. the decor, the acting, the costumes are all great, but i would not recommend you to watch it on the heaven stage; if you insist on watching this scene, do not choose the side seats, these seats are very low.