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the bank that commits a crime with what is written about it. the burgan bank is a bank with capital like an animal behind it, which is allowed by the state and constantly supervised by its authorized institutions. i guess the friend who wrote above thought the burgan bank was something like a farm bank.


the bank, which announced that it will count its employees who will do military service for 21 days on administrative leave and pay full salary. we congratulate them for not coveting 3-5 thousand tl from their young employees and thinking about employee happiness, i hope other companies will follow their example.


burgan means "burhan" you know. burhan bank. kind of okan university.


up to one hundred thousand liras of the deposit deposited to him is guaranteed by the state. it sounds ridiculous to compare the bank that does the banking based on the bddk with the farm bank.


comparison of the farm bank and the bank that collects deposits under the control of the bdd....


burgan is the world's second largest and kuwait's largest oil reserve field with approximately 80 billion tons of oil reserves. burgan bank, on the other hand, is the financial arm of kipco group, one of the largest holdings in kuwait. according to legend, it is the holding of the prince of kuwait.


a bank with unqualified human resources that did not respond despite their positive or negative feedback during the job interview.


burgan is the name of the region where oil is extracted in kuwait.

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