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the doctor who took part in the program called 'is this me', which started in tlc. that light accent in his speech is quite sympathetic. after all, he is making a tv show and it is impossible not to be affected by foreign versions, one should not get too attached to doctor b. it is a very difficult and courageous job to perform his profession in front of the media. there will be a lot of shit, never mind sir, enjoy it.


really shocking


the weird guy who put footage of his ferrari entering the hospital on the show. bro, shouldn't you have overcome such things long ago, what is this ego, what is this pr amk.


doctor bi. who gave him 5 stars by making the same comments with hundreds of different names in google comments and showed that he was an expert in vacancies.


he is the mint who performs the surgery by hanging his nose out of the mask, whatever happens to the fate of the patient


as if sheikh of range; https://imgrosetta.mynet.com/…/5908272/640xauto.jpg image


it is said that he was a boss who studied medicine, became an expert doctor, became famous in society, made an effort for pr on tv, made a program on tv and did not pay his employees on time, forcing them to work on public holidays, depriving him of his social rights. people are sad. woe to us if even a trained specialist doctor who does not say money is not worth the money in this country, does not show mercy to the people working under him. (see #94896902)


thanks to these americans' disgusting understanding of television, it does not feel right to trample every professional group. doctor, these people! people's lives are at stake. which competent, successful doctor gets into shape like an actor in front of the camera?