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the password of the locker is 32 17 21.


vincent gallo loves his father very much in real life, but his father is the same father figure portrayed in buffalo 66, constantly demeaning his son vincent. vincent pours his love for his father in and one day, while his father is singing a song at home, a lousy tape recorder records his father's voice to listen to it secretly. and at that moment, he decides that he will make this song listen to millions and shoot a movie of this song. this is the song that the father in the movie sang to ricci and that voice belongs to gallo's real father.


depicting a childlike sadness with touching scenes in light blue; it's a nice and different movie. vincent gallo's crying alone in the toilet right after the cult scene where they meet his "ex-girlfriend", their timid, timid and uncertain hugs to layla*, what a familiar sad rebellion, what a familiar fragility...


layla is the most successful female character in the history of cinema. he is a naive character who can express without fighting, speak directly rather than being told, and show his love without suffocating. vincent gallo's greatest success in film; it is the character of layla that he created without telling his life story and without giving any information about it.


aside from crying, after every relaxing act of peeing, i think of the crying sequence in the car and i'm sobbing into the eyes of whoever is next to me, i'm so deep inside.


the places where ricci comes while vincent gallo is peeing and gallo is uncomfortable and where gallo gets mange from ricci in bed are very entertaining. it's as if the male and female characters have swapped places. ricci harasses the kidnapper gallo throughout the whole movie!


the blue-eyed messy man movie where i feel a little relieved when i see that i'm not the only one who wants to cry when i read the entries, and i get very twisted and lost in thought while watching.