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being given the leading role in one of the series is the subject of the thesis for zaytung. are there any good players left in the market, are the beautiful women extinct? although, we should not underestimate the power that caused the series to haunt the series for at least 30 episodes, even though it ended like a mushroom with a gaydiriguppak role in the magnificent century and was disliked even by one of god's servants. wherever that power comes from, she's got a pretty solid back. playing in a tv show on the tayyip channel that promotes hijab? hmm.


(see: fatma hatun's coming out as a metalsmith)


the woman whose existence i knew while zapping my television. the most beautiful actress i've seen on tv in years. no, she is beautiful. i don't know if her acting is good too ?


i heard he used to be a rocker-metal player you can meet at dorock.


one of the most beautiful ones that are choked with excessive make-up. there are many such serial actors.


(see other half)


the actress i officially confused with (see: leyla lydia)


(bkz: leyla lydia tuğtlu)