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he is, in my opinion, superior to other superheroes, with no superhuman strength other than the expensive gear he uses.


instead of chasing wife and daughter with his father's money, he preferred to chase bad guys. but thanks to my father, he didn't print it on the back of the batmobile, it's a shame.


--- spoiler --- the person who came out of the pit that bane put in the dark knight rises is not batman, but bruce wayne. batman: a hero can be anyone. even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders, to let him know


is michael keaton. because there is no other actor who has conveyed the wayne-batman split and his severe psychological imbalance as well as keaton. bruce wayne is the only one who can say "i'm wrong" with that crazy look in his eyes.


he didn't actually have his mom and dad killed as jokers, it was thought for the movie version to be dramatic .


bruce wayne doesn't die, gotham is indivisible... doomsday finished superman and it's done... the man multiplied and multiplied and came back again... i say be prepared for a modified batman