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there is an operator who can write the following lines to a female customer who makes a negative comment. "you don't have to sit and break from the pavilion until you pay the bill, but when it comes to paying the bill, you don't want to break from the pavilion. it suits you very well. it is clear from your comments that you have been in the pavilion many times before and you know the atmosphere well,"


(see: january 10, 2019 brothers cafe bar disgrace)


the venue is located in ankara bahçeli. if you don't like something in the venue, the owner will expose you on instagram and threaten you with a private message.


i did not go to the venue, i do not know whether it is a pavilion or not, but the owner has the potential to run a pavilion. he sees no harm in insulting his customers, then he cries for my bread and butter. shame on whose pavilion he is.


i thought the pavilion comment was a bit exaggerated, i watched the last 2-3 videos they put on instagram. it has an interior design that resembles a champagne cafe rather than a pavilion. the correlation between his boss being a lousy person and the ugliness of the place was not surprising.


the owners of the garden think they are mafia. they insulted the person who made the comment when it was said that the price of beer was charged from the non-alcoholic drinks on google at the weekend and the place was likened to a pavilion, and not only that, they found the instagram account of the female customers who made the comment, threatened him on instagram and targeted him from the account of the venue. i think that places run by such ugly people should not be visited in order to protect life safety and mental health.


it's better to go to fatih pide saloon instead of going to this. place like a pavilion. i'm logging out.