broken hearts bank

broken hearts bank

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the shooting of the film was finished in september, but the trailer or something hasn't dropped yet. did they forget what they did?


the cast of the movie; haluk bilginer ahmet mumtaz taylan zerrin tekindor hazal kaya taner diez osman sonant


“if the people are without love, the streets are full of bank shops…” “they asked the prophet jesus: - tell us something so that we will enter heaven with him. jesus the prophet said: - don't talk… ” another one of the projects of magenta that i can't wait to watch


"a movie about football, heroin and god"


dude, okay the movie is not a box office movie. it's been over a year since it was taken. i guess he won't be able to enter the festivals after this minute. e take out the dvd. or agree to publish this movie with puhutv tv etc. i don't understand such things so hard.


honor famous film that really takes people's minds. a story of maturity in every way.


it is a film that is no longer lost. edit: content removed due to copyright.