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"he could have been an atomic engineer if he wanted to, he had more." rolling stone magazine, ethiopia, 1984


this is a man like erdal İnönü. those who have come from an academic environment have purity and cleanliness. hello, this is brian may, let's make music friends, hey hey, it's nice.


people really can't believe it. to see if there is a musician who can use his musical instrument so well.. god probably said "i created freddie, now i need to put a good guitarist behind him" and gave the miracle to brian may.. (see my god i can't believe it)


when people listen to her songs, she says she is Queen's heir. but actually he is a man who made half of queen's songs, of course he continues in his own style etcek bre dumblers


i'm so sick of this man, you know i can't take the guy. become Queen's guitarist and theoretical astrophysicist. where did you write the cheat code? :(


three or five years ago, when i said to the website, "my god, you are such a beautiful, calm, great person, answer me", the guitarist who gave me a paragraph in his collective answers and said "tenkyu örkiş frend" and something like "tenkyu örkiş frend", drew a mile in my heart with this tiny gesture. especially in the studio, he is the englishman that everyone loves with his sabers, tall height and aragorn's mastery that he wears over his white socks. brian harold may. (see: john deacon)


curly-haired person using an old english coin instead of picks.


guitarist, whose main specialization is astrophysics and has the title of professor, i wish i could play the guitar like him.