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my british boyfriend is coming to the country to meet my family, he will be here tomorrow morning. our folks are watching braveheart crying at home right now. good if we don't get the guy out the door tomorrow. the film that stretches like a tambourine.


a super movie that won five oscars both starring and directing by mel gibson.. one of the best 3-4 movies i've seen in my life..


it was published by tgrt in 1999, it started at 21:00 and finished around 01:00. i was a freshman in high school, it's always on my mind that my father let us be in front of the tv until the end of the movie as if it were a homeland issue.


one of the biggest factors in my watching the movie twelve times is the scene where the english princess touches herself with a very meaningful smile on her face as she walks through the corridors of the palace as a woman who has experienced love for the first time in her life, after being with william wallace. there is no beyond.


you can catch mel gibson's amazing actress from the unbelievable glances she throws at robert the bruce because of her betrayal. my eyes filled with tears in that scene with william wallace.


movie that should be watched alone for maximum enjoyment. because whenever i watch this movie with someone next to me, i can't concentrate on the movie because i'm shaking my head saying "that was the war, then that was the war, now that's the war, now you're pressing a button ohoo, that's the time the war was then". no, it's like the officer on duty on the nuclear submarine, like the general who told me the missile launch codes to the president. he pressed a button. teallam it was that time the war was that time.


it's the best movie i've ever seen in my life. to be honest, it definitely should, the best movie in the history of cinema. "did you exaggerate?" my answer to those who say "no, i didn't exaggerate bro, it's really like that" (2004 otis's note: that's how much my life was at that time, i could see this much. but braveheart is still one of my favorite movies.)


--- spoiler --- is a movie that plays banned melodies with prohibited instruments. --- spoilers ---