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today is the eighteenth anniversary of his death. what a beautiful brother you were, brother brandon.


one of the important items of the list of accounts to ask god.


bruce lee 's only son. "buildings burn, people die, only true love is immortal..."


the quote, which begins with "because we don't know...", which he loved so much that it was written on his tombstone, which he repeated by heart in his last interview before his death, is mentioned in the famous book called the sheltering sky. for all the words (see #12025447)


playing in crow made him immortal. and he paid the price with his life.


handsome son of bruce lee. an incredible hybrid beauty. actor. he died in the scene where he got up on the table and ate the bullets in the crow, in which he played the leading role. the result of the movie was incredible success, but this success was not enough to bring him back.


before the crow (1994), although he acted in third-rate action movies such as legacy of rage (1986), kung fu the movie (1986), laser mission (1990), showdown in little tokyo (1991), rapid fire (1992) it is also extremely ironic that brandon lee, who plays eric draven, who was killed with his fiancee during the preparations for marriage in the crow, was preparing to marry his fiancee when he died as a result of an accident on the movie set. rest in peace...