brake lining spray

brake lining spray

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the spray that i gas my zippo with. instead of paying for a small amount of zippo gas, i buy 500 ml of brake spray.


humanity is not very aware of this spray, but if this world continues to rotate, it is the spray that contributes a lot to it.


it is very similar to zippo gas in structure and smell. it is extremely volatile. you can make your trousers clean by spraying the black machine oil on the trousers and wiping them with a cloth.


i use this spray for motherboard cleaning. usage: we lean the motherboard vertically and press it brutally. dust and dirt pours everything down. since it flies afterwards, only dust and dirt residues remain on the ground. important warning: do not do it at home, you will die. do it outdoors.


the goal you need to rinse after use on motorcycle brake pads. if, like me, the rain has seen mud, you say stop and spray the pads with a spray and set off as soon as you get bored; at the end of the first street, you may realize that you are going like a train even though you hit the brakes * it is also observed by me that it is good for keyboard and mouse sticking*


solvent that can cause headaches if inhaled. it is also used for degreasing plastic injection molds.


it is the medicine of the brake system that makes a whistling sound when the brake is pressed.


car masters love very much, they are in love. in fact, it is the love of every business that is interested in cars. for example, you changed the brake pads, the master writes two boxes of this, it is not often asked where you spent 1 liter of pads or something, but when the electrician and body shop start to write 3-4 boxes of this on the invoice, it would be time to say what a hell is it. it is the invisible side of the workmanship received. there are people who make it a tradition to write two cans of brake spray for 50 tl of labor.