boy reining in the wind

boy reining in the wind

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originally titled the boy who harnessed the wind, it is an autobiographical debut book published by martı publishing, written by william kamkwamba. (see #37968133)


science is like god it reaches everywhere.


emotional netflix production where you can watch emmanuel emenike and hakan altun as father-son.


it is a legendary film in my opinion, whose screenwriter or writer was greatly influenced by the great poet (see: yaşar kemal). and once again, i learned that the color of pain and poverty is always the same no matter where in the world it is. of cruelty, and of the struggle against cruelty... watch and have you watch, sir!


it's a netflix-made movie that i watched for nearly 2 hours, which frightened me at first and after i started watching it with great pleasure. the movie tells the story of a boy who built a wind turbine to save him from his deep poverty


it should not be said dynamo.. it can be a bride price..


every time i see our brother in the role of father, i make him look like hakan altun, the movie i can't focus on ahahsh


it is a film that shows what can be done when the absence that needs to be watched is combined with talent, and educates people about what and what nonsense things are sad. but the movie should be watched as it is a real life story .