bourgeois perfection

bourgeois perfection

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when genco erkal and ataol behramoglu were asked about this poem, "i don't know such a poem"


the bourgeois must be corrected, riding on the shoulder of perfection. because the logic of the poem is illuminated by the comma.


a virtual phrase whose name is unclear, and which is thought to be a phrase because it is written without a comma. it has been used by malicious people to defame nazım hikmet. who has ridden on bourgeois kemal's shoulder?? take a moment to answer this, i will believe in your good intentions.


there will be a day when the marxists will be the mustafa. will it be okay.


--- spoiler --- they are grinding the engine, starting the final act! kemal is mounted on bourgeois kemal's shoulder, they howl to the underskirts of the butler's men, who are in the commander's pocket, on the commander's cord --- spoiler --- being able to remove the phrase "bourgeois kemal" from here


it is a poem that is obviously a comma after the word bourgeois

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