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patriarchal society exists in this universe. guys who took the kazekage's sister and made them a housewife in konoha. she wears sakura pattern uchiha crested dresses.


--- spoiler --- i don't know if it was just me, but my eyes filled with tears when naruto smiled at boruto in chuunin exams. i thought of how minato and sarutobi sacrificed themselves without blinking. i know it's not naruto but still


(see: naruto shippuuden) if watched after zico, ismail creates an eagle effect.


if there is any disrespect to naruto, i will go to this anime in the morning and evening. i've watched him for years, but the boy ripped one of them off. now a kid is out and killed. i hope he said that so i can make air there and intimidate him, but they really didn't feed naruto to a brat. or actually kidnapped or something, then he comes and puts them in their mouths. otherwise you will get my very big curse.


anime that is elephants. we watch by skipping normal episodes guys 10 episodes of elephants are holding on, i don't understand what this cho-cho love is where are the characters that are remembered even in a single episode, where are these brats herd. i wouldn't even look at the list of elephants if it wasn't for the sake of our brother sasuke and naruto 500+ episodes here.