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"tansu Çiller, born in 1993, extended the mandate of wrestling by one year by law. at the beginning of the path from the unsolved to the february 28 process, there was that infamous 1993." (even murat competent wrote like this)


pasha created the agenda for a no-confidence question to be voted in the parliament, saying "if you don't like my vote, you can wear a skirt, if you like it, you can wear men's clothes", he lost the bet and did not wear the skirt by keeping his word. it fell to the famous comedian levent kırca to wear a skirt instead. considering such a parody as a great insult to him, he has been in court with wrestling. (bkz: open up i am retired colonel)


former chief of general staff, general. he served in the period of chiller. his name remained a slapstick general because he said "i order for a click, i do it for a knock". these days, a criminal complaint has been made about susurluk..


i will not approve of her having almond eyes.


ciller's chief of staff, commander of the special war in which thousands of unsolved and executions were carried out. mehmet agar is what he is. the man of the country's darkest period. let them feed us what they feed them. (bkz: die at 88)


Çiller pasha, who did what the aircraft company said as well, did what he said. 19 years later, he made a statement about eşref bitlis' plane. hero ex-pasha of the general staff! if it's called ota shit, treason, what is it?…id=1077631 and categoryid=77

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