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the sovereign has given the donation well. sovereign bagis ?@egemenbagis if there was a decent opposition in the country, these tensions would not have happened. if the activists form a party, our democracy will strengthen and it will whip us up. dogandur


he is a man who knows how to sing, whom i think has brought the tenor rock vocal scene in the country to an unreachable point with his voice. also a good person.


he is the author of songs with wonderful lyrics such as "smiles on your beautiful lips, i'll plant a flower in my heart", "because of your scent stuck on my tongue, your name is indelible on my sweaty skin", "i filmed the water on your lips, my heart is tearing as i breathe". the man is the second newcomer you know. we love it.


when i heard the words and songs he wrote in the first album, it was impossible not to stop like that; in the songs on the second album, you start to shake. well, my brother, if a person writes super words, composes super songs and sings them with a super voice, what should we poor people do, where should we find a place for ourselves? i refuse!


at the beginning of last night's dream coffee concert, after all the picks on the stage disappeared, he said 'friends, you don't have to do such things on december 17'.


i am assertive that it has the best voice of the country.