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an example of garanti's good use of technology. if it can attract the attention of its customers well, incredibly beautiful data will come out of this application. his hand becomes even stronger when he sits at the table with his business partners.


when the demand for the fuel campaign with 100 tl bonus, which is probably valid today, was high, they removed the application from the play store, it is unbelievable.


you can find your soul chasing campaigns for 50 cents or 3-5 liras, this is such a program. i'll give you 10 liras, get them all away from me.


application that has increased the errors it has given recently. in addition to the long-standing security issue warning and no campaign banners, the templates no longer appear.


the application that saves you the ordeal of sending sms to participate in the campaign. as someone who has been too lazy to send sms to participate in campaigns until now, i managed to accumulate a lot of bonuses thanks to this application.


it is a guarantee bank application that i have earned incredible points for the last 2 months by following daily. they uploaded 30 points each, thanks.


application that constantly sends notifications. i'm about to delete. edit: deleted it. who are you to send me 3-5 notifications a day?


it is an application that does not allow password paste in the customer login section, not considering users using a password manager.

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