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bomonti's beer, which is made by adding plenty of water to a can of guinness and obtaining 3 bottles of so-called irish stout. never happened


first definition: the stout beer produced by bomonti.. additional definition: the title revealing those who claim that the beer is bad without drinking it. (screenshot has been taken and will be added if necessary) i don't understand what kind of prejudice this is.


the first thing i criticize is the beer that i would like to say if they had made a bock or a porter before diving directly into the stout. let's see how the thick stout is.


it is an anatolian group product. innocent information.


especially the guys who wrote "bomonti comment on irish stout beer" under it. it's not stout, it doesn't make sense to say yeaa. it's a very good beer.


it's not stout. lager with barbecue sauce.


was going to try it with great curiosity, but after the last statements of tuncay Özilhan such as "brewing at home also causes tax loss", i will not pay a penny and i will not taste it. we are talking about a boss who complained about us that a high tax that should not have been paid was paid less. i also read the asterns he made later, my opinion hasn't changed a bit. i hope it was a good beer, he was stillborn. (see: february 1, 2018 boycott of ephesus)


a new attempt in the market that has not had black (let's say stout-like) beer since efes dark. the taste is not bad, but it tastes more like pils than stout. still not bad, i prefer bomonti in places where i can't find weissbier. at worst we use it to marinate meat again (see #19741072)

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