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i think it is a coin traded on the cryptocurrency exchange called binance. i've looked here but no one has posted anything. whereas a lot of people are trading on binance and i thought it is highly likely to see and review bnb. now please fill here with information about what bnb is.


short name for the rank of "major" in the army.


aha, i'll buy it now, here's the coin that came out without giving any opportunity to buy from 280 to 400 just in case i'll buy it now. normally i would never sell. i said let me buy and sell. i sold it, after that day, we couldn't buy it because it would fall now. i'm like a commodity, i'm watching her come out. as this bnb comes out, i feel like i've seen my ex with someone else.


i guess the friend above doesn't know much about binance. bro, do some research and write, please.


when it first came out, i threw out 5 because we would pay commission etc. when it was not money. he made me laugh when he remembered it and looked at what had happened.


it is the coin i invested when it was about 1.5-2 dollars at the end of 2017. since then, it has increased 15 times against bitcoin and 10 times against the dollar itself. i went out with 10% profit, then i couldn't enter because it was too swollen. the 5585 bnb i bought then is now making 82 thousand dollars. in my bag, there was 100 bnb that i bought for 10 dollars just to be cut into the feeler, there were 85 of them left. if this 5585 bnb makes millions of dollars in the future, i'll be fooled too..


a crazy coin that is waving his dick around the town square.


can someone who knows why he will make me say what i missed after 1 year, as he would tell bilal? this ethereum fork called bnb, which is completely under the control of binance and in a centralized structure, is diametrically opposed to the basic logic of crypto money. it is not possible to understand how long-term investment advice is given.