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again, as always, it causes false statements. thanks to the the press (even the most serious, no different from the british tabloids). otherwise you will not see the moon as blue; it will always look the way it is. prof dr ethem derman explains it very clearly here:


due to its rarity, it has also been included in an english idiom whose equivalent in the is once every forty years; (see: once in a blue moon).


(bkz: shit blue)


for example, on the 31st of this month, we will witness the full moon for the second time in may, and we call it the blue moon. of course, the color of the moon will not be different from other full moons. but if the amount of ash in the sky increases due to forest fire, volcanic eruption etc. (source: (see: blue moon)


every 19 years, two blue moons occur in the same year. they almost coincide with the months of january and march, since february has 28 days between them. blue months from 2004 to 2020: july 2004 june 2007 december 2009 august 2012 july 2015 january and march 2018


if a full moon occurs twice in a month, the second full moon is called a blue moon. at the same time, if there are four full moons in a season, the fourth full moon is also a blue moon because there are usually three full moons per season.


tv series of my childhood. reminding that we watched it with my grandmother, me and my late grandfather, i put a big smile of happiness on my face.