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an awesome movie. everything left unfinished is actually waiting for an opportunity to be completed one day. i think this is the summary of the movie.


it is an exquisite story that makes you smile sweetly for 1 hour and 20 minutes and makes you sad from time to time. undoubtedly, it is not the type that can appeal to everyone, but i enjoyed it immensely.

the acting was exaggerated in the first 6-7 minutes of the movie. they have exaggerated the state of ignoring and not knowing what to talk about, but right after that, both actors are giving lectures.


--- spoilers ---

can i tell you something. i'm taking antidepressants, i haven't told anyone for a while. and i don't know why i'm so embarrassed that i bought them. probably because nothing went wrong in my life. i should be happy but i'm sad


great movie i just watched. you watch the movie most of the time with a smile and sometimes with tears in your eyes. it flows beautifully and takes you back to the past. you remember happily.


it is a naive movie that i watched saying that no movie with blue in its name can be bad and i was not wrong.


the movie in that little line between being able to cry for sadness and not being able to cry anymore. --- spoilers ---

at the end of the movie; it broke my heart that jim, who was constantly leaking water from his eyes, would go to that house with his life not going so well. then i thought of the house amanda would go to; to his house, where he does not even have the right to be unhappy, and to which he owes happiness to his two children and 64-year-old wife.
--- spoilers ---