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underrated french crime drama. very nice and fluent. i'm surprised it hasn't been popular until now. especially season 1 is much better. watch, watch. it's already over.


french made netflix series: (see zone blanche)


of course a true detective is not a 'killing' but it is a watchable netflix series with impressive atmosphere.


-if you like detective series with a dark atmosphere, you may like this series. -if you like mystery, mythology elements and foggy nature scenes, you are likely to like this series. lastly, you are interested in french.


the series that handles the fear of the unknown beautifully. light the ritual atmosphere. let's make the grange feel like this, let's watch it in the contents. this place can be full.


one of the best series on netflix platform. pessimistic weather, endless fog, magnificent views and a beautiful subject to absorb. i'm looking forward to season 3.


it is a series about murder and disappearance announcements that a female gendarmerie commissioner investigates in a small place in france. its original name is zone blanche. even though the dark and tense environment progresses calmly, it never bores you, in fact, it draws you in more than most animated productions because i think the director has done a top-notch job. i can easily say my score is 9/10. if anyone knows if the 3rd season will come, can they green it?


it's a french netflix series that i just finished the second season of. congratulations to the cinematographer. every frame of the movie is like a painting, the light and camera angles are magnificent. rather than the content, the atmosphere in the series and the slow-paced fiction in the background make you watch.