black pudding

black pudding

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english for shit. it's even worse.


it is turned into a kind of sausage by boiling pork intestine and blood. it is a very popular dish, especially in northern england, scotland and ireland. for other nasty *traditional english dishes; (see sheperd's pie) (see kidney pie)


in a preparation book (wow, if i'm not crooked), they gave the description of it in the context of the strange food customs of different cultures. there were also sugar-coated ants. i don't know which is worse.


the object eaten by the man who will regret following the advice "it is very beautiful, since you came to england you must eat it"... the english of eating shit...


when you slice it and leave it on the cutting board, your friend is likely to throw it in his mouth as cocoa honeysuckles. i don't know the result, he can't speak yet.


mint with a stone on a horse's dick in appearance.…oleblackpudding_6.jpg


one of the indispensables of english coffee. it's made from pig's blood and who knows what more disgusting places. it looks like a big black salami. it is sliced like salami, fried and served with breakfast. these english brothers love black pudding and make people think, oh my god, what kind of food culture is this.


according to a rumor, it will upset the stomach of even the father who says i will eat everything.

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