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if the banks are involved, a line like "bkm express usage fee" may soon grace the statements. oh, get away from me and close to god.


credit card condom


it is the system that distributes rewards to the first 500 people who realize that paypal is the the version. congratulations you are awesome.


system designed to make hackers' job easier. it must have emerged as a result of such a thought; - brother, every site is different, we haven't broken one yet. + what if there was something like this, if all the banks were gathered in one place, we would hack a place. something that will return to the common atm logic in the future. an application such as requesting additional fees when a withdrawal is made with a bank card without a contract from the workplaces will definitely be implemented.


in the same logic as vestel, a card whose opponents were forced to use it by having the government banned it. i will not use.


the system that asks for a six-digit password consisting of numbers only when registering. the total password range that millions of credit card users in the country can have is 997999. also, the e-commerce integration logic and system is extremely ridiculous. edit: soulsmasher warned and i'm adding the same message from him. "i just became a member, it has increased to 12 digits, and it also asked me for a letter."

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