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currently working with the invitation system. since he can enter, let him come.


this is the link


an application that makes me wait 20000 steps a day with itchy palms. let it start with us quickly..


if we turn off the gps of the phone and connect it to a motor, if the phone pretends to walk or even run, the money will be lost.. korz heee :) there will be those who try, this is the country


the app i'm still waiting for my invitation.


the starting rate is 1 dollar 1 bitwalking i guess. which will act speculatively like bitcoin. it makes sense for those who want to do sports and earn 3-5 cents as an extra. but it would be illogical for those who make it a business. if you spend the time and energy you will lose with this walking job on another job, you will earn much more money. that is, if it is seen as a bonus, not a job, it will not cause any problems. surely, back doors will be found, and then they will be closed or something. at that time someone might turn the corner.


what i think is a moment bit walking dead campaign. oh shit, let's hear our voices from here too. eyyyy the walking dead, don't bother us any more. either be a man or bit.