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detergent brand that i don't understand what it is bragging about. while detergent advertisements normally use slogans such as "one solution to 3 problems" and "one cleaner for both kitchen and bathroom", it seems strange to me that this brand praises 2 different detergents for people who use the same cleaner for both the bathroom and the kitchen.


the cleaning material brand that has nightmarish advertisements. if i have anything to buy, i won't let it go home because of the repulsiveness of those girls.


i congratulate them for making such a disgusting advertisement. woman1: get in! woman2: go! like a joke..


it is the brand that owns the advertisement played by two repulsive women who think they are making jokes. binnur-goncalı is also a brand that i think will lose customers unless it cancels its advertisement.


ivana sert has commercials that make me imagine cleaning the kitchen and bathroom with bleach. "everywhere is cleaned with a single bleach in our places." what do you mean? i wonder if you've ever bought bleach in your life, ivanac, i can't believe it.


usually in american movies when the cops catch an important clue, find the drug in a secret place etc. the word they use. our police officers, who see these movies and admire them, use the same word in the exercises shown on tv and make us laugh at the screen. (see: you made me laugh, may god make you laugh too).