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billiard terms

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(see lönk) when there is an exaggeration, it is said when the ball goes into the hole so quickly.


bridge: the shape and position of your hand, through which you pass the tip of the cue. limaj: the act of swinging the cue back and forth. jump throw: the act of bouncing the ball with a percussive hit to the very center of the white ball at a 45-degree angle. bricol: a shot using the tape before the target ball. masse: a percussive and spin stroke made by raising the cue at least 45 degrees. commonly known as pike.


(see: diving is prohibited)


these are terms that every pool player should know. the most important ones are: blue screen: too much chalking of the cue tip. swiss: the miss of the ball, which is seen very thin. aşkı memnu: the situation of putting the black ball into the wrong hole. deep throat: too many balls stuffed in one hole in american.


(see: got-false)


soldier: the ball to be hit is behind the ball to hit - the situation where there is more than one ball standing in line. it's like oooo. (see: knowing and not being able to tell) (see: disability of telling)


(see clamp)


for example, we taught the horse called efekare as pressing haydar to a friend who had nothing to do with billiards and decided to learn by watching us by making the mistake of his life.

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