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bilingual one suitcase

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ozgur doga's golden orange award speech "we made this movie for teachers and students. we think that education in mother tongue is the most basic human right. we are receiving this award in memory of ceylan onkol, who lost his life in a mortar attack at the age of 14 before he could learn a second language..." come on guys, who will hold you...


it is a movie that makes people ashamed of their education, warm home and comfortable life. we are all spoiled, we are still not spoiled. we still buy and get satiated, we do not get enough of clothes, colored pencils, notebooks. maybe we find the student who does not go to the classroom strange. however, there are children somewhere who can be happy even when they have a pen. .i knew but... i guess i's good, i remember. those who remind you of health.


it is a movie that i said i would love if i made it myself... i don't know today, how much it is watched, how much it is not watched, but i know that two languages are a suitcase, a coin in history that will be remembered when asked what you did for a solution in the country's wolf issue, for example 50 years later. it is not for everyone to be able to explain the 80-year-old wolf issue from such a naive place. obviously those who do are well paid. as nuri bilge ceylan said on the golden boll jubilee night, "i ask you all to watch it when it is released in the fall!"


this movie is still playing in classrooms in southeast anatolia.