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i think blue represents hot water and red represents cold water in the taps here. or the master colorblind. or i'm colorblind. hmm...


if you landed in biga as a gendarme* like me, it means you've been burned. because with its 107 villages and 5 towns, biga is one of the districts of the country with the highest village population (approximately 45 thousand).


he has a very famous shop called two doors and has as many products as mmm migros in it, the estimated area of the shop is 50m².


it is a fast-growing town with a young population. moreover; what is consumed in bigada? -cheese halva, 4 kilos -toast with tomato paste*, 5 pieces of -circassian cheese per meal, 4 molds. these data are calculated on the basis of 10 days, half of the cheese and halvah are taken to my hometown, yes, these are the foods that give meaning to my life..


it is the town of Çanakkale, which has enormous delicious meatballs. once the meatballs are tasted, other meatballs mean nothing but a ball of ground meat. everyone who has been to biga or not has to try it. * (see: going to another city for a day for meatballs)


the small town of Çanakkale, where i promised myself that i would not come again as soon as i got my diploma after graduating from university there, and i have kept this promise for 7 years. even in front of the police station, 55-year-old uncles do not hesitate to talk. oh, it also has such a beauty, cheese halva and the market on wednesdays would be very nice.