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an excellent series. --- spoiler --- jessi (j) is talking to her vagina (v). her vagina shows jessi the hole called the urethra where the urine comes from and the following dialogue takes place. j- i didn't know there was a second hole. v- it is three if you count your anus. j- i don't think i'll do. v- yeah me neither she's an asshole. --- spoiler --- and bidimtiss.


(see: you're picturing it and we're talking about it) (see: stop quoting your dad's law commercials)


consoling jessi, who was depressed because she got her period for the first time, her mother said, "if men got their period it would be an olympic sport. they'd give out medals for the heaviest flow." he helped with the scene he said.


should not watch while eating.


after this drama, my view of pillows changed.


amazing cartoon series that i started watching today. --- spoiler --- i laughed so hard at the scene where andrew enters the girls' bathroom with great anticipation and is disappointed with "oh it's the same :(" :d --- spoiler ---


an irreplaceable animation. when netflix finished this series, it started to feel very empty. the more psycho the masculine hormone monster is, the more detached the female is. it has great depth of character, puberty is beautifully rendered. i hope it lasts for years like the simpsons.