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in terms of humanity; 1) e and y 2) kpmg 3) pwc 4) brothers limited. damn deloitte... i'm not putting you on the list. you're literally looking at his teeth and getting a man! ekici edit: one of the partner scumbags has decreased. i guess deloittecular is kicking here. we think they are working hard too. you're completely out of my sight, marabas.


apart from financial audit firms, umut besen, cengiz kurtoğlu, arif sesame and nejat alp are the big four that can be evaluated. now you decide which one is pwc and which one is kpmg. (see hope besen) (see: cengiz kurtoglu) (see: arif sesame) (see: nejat alp)


fuck joey demaio...


the world's 4 largest independent auditing companies, where the outsiders try to get inside and the insiders try to get out.

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