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i'm booking this place right now. talented canadian tennis player, born in 2000.


young tennis player who i'm sure will win a grand slam if he doesn't fall under the spell of making a lot of money and fame.


his biggest advantage in the us open final with serena is that he has a great motivation to beat serena. other than that, she's super talented of course but serena is also half human half god. human ability doesn't work very well.


serena williams, who she will face in the canada open final, is twice her age. since serena was born in 81, which writer is starting to feel old?


bianca, who has just turned 19, defeated a legend like serena williams in the us open and became the champion. we will see this girl here for a long time.


as seen in the figure, she defeated serena williams in the away final of us open 2019 with 6-3 and 7-5 sets and became the champion. it officially became canada's 2nd pride this year after the toronto raptors. :) on the other hand, i think that serena's recent final phobia is a big factor, as well as giving andrescu his due. i even think it is the main factor.*


it looks like she will get the us deficit by defeating the serena squat. i hope it will continue like this and my fat will melt.


he pressed the slap on the namerde. maybe serena will cry now mommy or something... go tosuncuk bianca go! he is a happy tennis player. despite this shitty tournament, it made me happy. more than 19 years old v...