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istanbul district, which creates the perception that only right-wing parties will enter the elections due to the posters hung.


it is one of the few places in istanbul where children still play hide and seek, people chat from balcony to balcony, and the neighborhood never ends. it must be seen before it is destroyed by the third bridge.


transportation is never a problem (as if they have nothing to do on the weekends, as long as all istanbul doesn't take their private buses), they are enjoyed not only for breakfast but at all times of life, they don't care if people think they are weird about themselves, quiet/calm, everybody knows each other in general, i was born and grew up and still ilce. where i live happily (not a district)


500 years of history from the mother's side. they have been in the center for the last 150 years, before they were in the village of Öğümce. my childhood, my mother's childhood, youth, our family cemetery, that is, my father, grandmother, grandmother, great grandfather, great grandmother, uncle, aunt, great uncle, our martyred horizon, and who knows who else. maybe it's the only place where i've never been a stranger... because beykoz is my home, nobody lives in our 3-storey wooden house with a small garden nowadays, but our roads always turn around and reach the same place.


it is a remote settlement. it is rich in green and very cute


although there are municipal boundaries up to the anatolian fortress, among the people, beykoz refers to the central and further villages where there are ten fountains. until the 90s, going to districts such as eminönü, mecidiyeköy, beşiktaş, taksim was called “going to istanbul”.

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