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maybe it's the only line i can remember from kanat güner's heroin diary: "i watched betty blue today. i'm much more rebellious now."


this is the book i cursed myself for not having read it before. this is the book that restores the faith of those who don't believe in love. this is the book that makes me drool in the dead of night. because it is very real.


she didn't want to see the side of the man she fell in love with that can't fall in love.... love's dilemma. even though he knew he persistently wanted not to see the truth, for the sake of sacrificing his one eye.


it is a work that inspires the instinct of leaving everything and going far away after reading the book and watching the movie. there is something that suffocates the audience in the last scene of zorg with betty.


it is a strange book that rattles, impresses and strikes questions about what love is and how life should be lived within the framework of love. the author's similes and descriptions are extremely successful, and since a very gripping narrative is adopted throughout the book, it is a work that can be finished in a few days, but its effect will not wear off that quickly.