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beta glucan

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it acts through the toll-like receptor that regulates the immune system. it is the active ingredient of the drug called imuneks. found in oats, wheat, algae, reishi (see: mushroom of immortality), shiitake mushroom. it is in the water-soluble fiber part of grains. while 1-3 and 1-6 beta glucans found in natural baker's yeast are beneficial for the immune system, 1-4 beta glucans found in cereals are mostly used to support the digestive system.


it is a supplement that should be used these days to trigger the immune system of our elderly and people who are easily sick.


beta-glucan is a polyglucose molecule obtained from the cell wall of baker's yeast. beta glucan has a stimulating effect on the immune system. it strengthens the immune system by increasing body resistance.


indispensable for cat foods, immune booster with taurine.


it is true that it stimulates the immune system. that's why there are studies to see if it triggers or exacerbates autoimmune diseases. the results are dubious, if you have an autoimmune disease (rheumatological disorders, multiple sclerosis, hashimoto etc.), it may be beneficial to abstain from using it.


it activates white blood cells such as macrophages, granulocytes and monocytes responsible for defense against infections and supports the healing of damaged tissues in the body.


molecular size should be below 10 microns for absorption. which is also available under the trademark immunex. no sir, don't run to those who say we have 500 grams of beta glucan, it won't do you any good after it's not absorbed.