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they are all piling on each other, they will always screw up the citizens, otherwise they can't get comfortable. 100 tl tires become 250 tl until they arrive in front of the citizen. just like potatoes in the field. will the citizens of this country necessarily take everything at the stake? there is no best tire brand, there is only one who is ripping off.


i recommend the czech republic brand barum. after purchasing continental, the factory is equipped with the latest technology and the quality is upgraded. i bought 4 winter tires for 360 tl last week. i am very satisfied. this information doesn't quite match the title, but maybe it will be useful to someone.


michelin is the best, but also the most peppermint, that is, the one that makes the most bubbles when it gets into a pit hard. that's why i'm a bridgestone fan, even if it's like concrete. at least the braking is successful. since it's like concrete, it doesn't make you say alas if it entered the pit hard. in winter tires, i pass nokian alone. they say that nokian balloons as quickly as michelin and wears out. wr d4 has been installed for 3 years in one of my cars and 1 year in my other car. i didn't have any problems with the 3 year old except for the nail ingrown.


in my opinion and with the effect of the advertisements of our childhood, i can start this survey as a good year. (see: deliver to my home)


i changed two of them for 750 tl yesterday. fuck the best.


(bkz: michelin)


birdgestone - continental - goodyear - pirelli - michelin


continental is pretty good. it does not have the hardening problem experienced in other brands. handling and tread alignment is good. but i recommend sava and kumho to those who want to catch the cheap-quality duo.

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