best price/performance ratio in-ear headphones

best price/performance ratio in-ear headphones

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is curious. shayomi is starting to twitch now. i am open to suggestions for in-ear headphones that can be used for many years, giving all the real and clean sounds at the dose. desired features + to be long-lasting + to be able to give all the mid treble and bass as it should be, without blowing up. +to cut outside sound completely.


it is a headset that is forced to wear on the bus, it is now banned by the ministry of health :)


i say this friend, which can be bought from america for 40 dollars, because i have been using it for 5 years:…=zero audio ,aps,394andsr=8-1 768 liras in our country:…=1574801165andsr=8-1-fkmr0


i found jbl brand headphones, although it is not very good, it works for me because it is above the standard.


jbl t205. i've been using it for two years and i'm very satisfied.


although the shure se215 may seem like an expensive headphone due to the high dollar exchange rate in the country, it is actually a home-made earphone with a price of around 100 dollars, where you can get sparkling sound, a marvel of ergonomics. especially the transparent version is highly recommended due to the robustness of the cable. (see: shure se215)


it could be sony