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minnos, who came to the ceremony dressed as a razor and attended the ceremony, wearing a parka and hand-knitted gloves. in his statement in response to the memes about him, he did not neglect to press the information that his gloves were knitted by a single mother teacher in vermont and that the woman was very happy with the attention given to the gloves and that she could not keep up with the orders. i am grateful to him for giving me a reason to smile for days :) all time "this could have been an e-mail" will be my favourite :)


'reis' will sleep soundly tonight. let the democrats who wasted you on that naughty woman henna now.


the man has been on the side of the blacks for forty years, wanted the areas of social freedom to expand, and disgraced those who sold the people for money. in the banking crisis that put greenspan to the ground live on air. on the other hand, hillary clinton showed a good foreign affairs performance from our davutoğlu. what does our parishioner say? who was sanders, he didn't have a single fuckin' activity. ahahaha. these men did not destroy the politics in vain. bigotry is like that. bernie sanders is 74, hillary clinton is 68.


a beautiful man in the world (for now).


he is a politician who has spent his life telling american citizens that free education and health care is not a 'radical left'. you did your best. let the president take a loan of 100 thousand dollars to study at university for 4 years in the richest country in the world. maybe they will try to make a revolution. let them pay their 5 thousand dollar hospital bills, you idiots.


the man officially said that he was a democratic socialist and started from 0 and got 49.6% of the votes in caucus. it is still said that this capulcu is not likely to be a candidate. take a look at what this man said, what he will bring to the world, then let's discuss. you can also look at obama's sudden rise against clinton in 2008. #feelthebern edit for those who can't draw: let's put this here, the results from exactly one year ago. see the difference…d and oe=57263314


he is leading 60% to 38% against hillary at the moment. in his thank-you speech, he said succinctly, "hit it, let it groan, let wall street listen". the press is still trying to ignore it. inevitable; (bkz: like a bogeyman they are afraid of my comrade bernie sanders) before new hampshire, such general polls were that the difference between hillary and hillary was reduced to 2%. now it is possible to achieve much greater acceleration.